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Which version of TOXMAP should I use?

The current Flash-based version of TOXMAP possesses a more responsive map than TOXMAP classic and provides a richer user experience. It receives regular updates and enhancements and offers Census layers (including for Census 2010) available by county and by Census Tract.

Please note that the current TOXMAP is a "beta" or pre-release. You might prefer to use TOXMAP classic if:

  • You cannot or choose not to install the Adobe Flash Player (e.g., if using with a mobile device);
  • You do not wish to use a pre-release web site;
  • You require features that are currently only available in TOXMAP classic including Advanced Search, the ability to save your search results, and regional TRI summaries;
  • You have an old computer, a slow connection to the Internet, or a small screen resolution (less than 1100 pixels in width or 800 in height); or
  • You are visually impaired.

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